Sequel Sun

inCollage_20191127_083759485Sequel Sun

The beau said, “ moon reflects light of sun.

What have we done?


The muse retorted; “We have gone to a cave we can never return from.

You used to hold me so close.
And when we danced my Hathor,

when we danced.”


Ras wife was the mistress of the sky through which she, the sun goddess sailed .

Emerging at the beginning of it all, the Golden One, a Lady of the Offering, extending her Herus’ rays,

her power.
Can all gods be genderless or a singularity, mused the Philospher.


She said, “ you may have been my beam and ray but….


The beau butted in, “Nothing means anything before that word.


You heard only what you wanted to” mused the namesake.

“It opened that gap wide like Tectonic plates a chasm between us”.


“Leaving us trying for orgasms, said the beau

Barren was our intimacy.

You broke my sexuality over stones of passion”.


“Does not give you reason for pebble dashing me with your curses and outrage”.

“That’s a page for your story.”

“Your glory was in chasing away demons, expressed the muse”.
“Seems like I help others become their betters.

But leaves a bitterness like Dandelions in the hole left behind, she said.”

Sequel Sun


Part 3 of Ode to Abdhulsalam

copyright Stewart Tunnicliff Nov 2019

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