Fountain falls

Water fall fountain,
with cooling water
for dainty toes dipped in,
and paws running through.







Six stave well-worn wooden benches13474949_10153512884936020_3032653518749640548_o
seat meditative
onlookers, watching the world go by.
Green, grey trash cans
cenitels to the scene.
Large scrawling trees sway in the breeze
while claims are written behind them
receipents of welfare and benefits.





13308513_10153464319366020_8973423275439995087_oA red faced clock
away time spent worrying and wondering.







13669402_10153593079971020_7995149055890340577_oRecipients take a few moments
to absorb the tranquility
and listen to the gush, fall and splash.



copyright Stewart Tunnicliff 2016