Never in my classroom – dyslexia and disinformation

Recently I have become aware just how badly some people view dyslexia. Having worked with some guys in the UK and experiencing being a mentor to some clients at the moment, let’s explode some myths, shall we – #1 People with dyslexia cannot write properly. This is such mistaken thinking it hurts to even start to […]

More European- lingo & multi-culti Olympic gems

In no way whatsoever am I a fan of the hype behind the Olympics, the mismanagement of tickets or some of the exclusivity contracts made between the organizers and the sponsors. However there have been some lingo and cultural gems hidden in the media deluge. Most recently exposing American athletes to the genuine Cockney accent. Here you […]

More European – “High English” v Säggsch

What be High English then, one might bequeath to others, be they linguists or nay professors of this ilk to regale us with much a do about nought. That as it may be I will thus attempt to shirk from an erudite eulogy, moreover make a few musings. On the back of a discussion with […]