Never in my classroom -using adverts in lessons

Recently I have been using adverts in lessons to show the difference in language useage to normal everyday speech or Business English. How to approach this: Tasks. 1) What is the tone of the piece – ask the students to identify the tone and if it suits the target audience. Give examples of tonal language […]

Leipzig Writers – listening to voices

No I am not talking about my fringe madness. Last night I had the pleasure to witness different voices reading their work as part of the Embassy of Love at the great local venue the English Room. The mix was eclectic from content, style and dialect. We had funny and sexy courtesy of Maeshelle, a […]

Leipzig Writers – the Closest East to the Heart

A quote by James Earl Jones has resonated with me for years. “One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can’t utter.” Since working with a guy with MS who could not speak I have been struggling with my own inability to speak the words I write. At […]

Never in my classroom – running the risk

Sometimes I may lament the lack of drive or learning techniques of some of my students. Those who do the bare minimum to get by, know how to use the ingrained “Hochschule” education system and really do not appreciate the learning curve. In both the academic and the business world you may come across individuals […]

More European – has multiculturalism really failed?

As a tangental follow up to my post Do you speak the lingo? another kinda related topic. It seems from the perspective of German and British politics to be the case. Within the space of a few months we have heard the heads of Government proclaiming this failure. Firstly Angela Merkel expressed that there had been […]