About theLingoGuy

Wasnie born under a wanderin star, bur in a one cow village at tha foot of tha Peak District; Inky is where a stayed t tha ripe ole age o 15 an peeps called me Tunni. Ma folks moved t Lancs, tha area that inspired Tolkien in is writin on is many walks. An so began ma many moves around tha UK t study, an volunteer, an work, an sometimes play. This took me as far afield as Glasgie, Malvern, Manchester, Droitwich. A leap ont mainland Europe an a new venture took me t Germany, where a workt with youngsters in a one horse town Apolda in Thuringia, did ma teacher trainin in Berlin an settled in Leipzig.
This was when I discovered or moreover started writing in accented text and became more playful with lingo.  I have made my home here teaching English and training Business skills in English, found a team of language service providers. Also found many good friends, and avenues for my creativity, including Leipzig Writers e.V.  in Jan 2012. Home is where I feel comfy like in you do in your own bed after years on the road. And also for me where I can reinvent myself. I am Stew, a EuroBrit, theLingoGuy and have so many opportunities in this cross-roads of Europe for new projects and start-ups that boredom never really stays too long at my door.