Create5 – finding a voice in an Ensemble

This year I predicted would be full of changes, and one came about that has surprised me and invigorated the modes of expression of theLingoGuy.

From the tender age of 17 – 19 I was in an art studio for my General National Diploma in Art and Design, and recently spoke to one of my classmates about the way some people were influenced by their peers and others were lone-rangers. I have always rode the vibes and energy of others, and find it very motivating.

Hence, although it has taken two decades, the birth of Inky Ensemble has naturally been something that is beautiful and creative, as well as a fine collective. All the members are distinct in their voices. Ranging from a self-confessed classicist, a Renaissance woman multi-media artist and writer, an anecdotal short-story teller with an Irish lilt, a jovial improv singer and myself as a poet at heart – who dabbles in short story writing.

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copyright of pictures – Sabine Falk

Although I have a distinct voice in the way I write, my performances are very much at the centre of the creative hub around me. The last gig Inky Ensemble did I even sang. This is something I have not done, other than in the shower since I was in a choir as a teen. Collectives always bring me fresh ideas like an invigorating North Wind. I do not know where it will take me or us, but it is something quite unique and has both the space for Ensemble expression and individual voices. Here is to the rest of 2015 and onwards with where ever it takes us, maybe a venue or town near you.



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