Never in my classroom – dyslexia and disinformation

Recently I have become aware just how badly some people view dyslexia.

Having worked with some guys in the UK and experiencing being a mentor to some clients at the moment, let’s explode some myths, shall we –

#1 People with dyslexia cannot write properly.

This is such mistaken thinking it hurts to even start to contemplate where people are getting their viewpoint from; Ivory Towers or tabloid, perhaps social trash media?



There is of course a different perception of words, and sometimes how they sound. The latter can incidentally even happen with accents or wordplay in accented text, just look at rhyming and the grey area of half rhymes.

But, this does not mean guys with dyslexia cannot string just as good or better sentences together than any other student. It all depends on how they approach their writing. And what is writing properly anyway? Who decides in English what that is? unlike French and German, English has not had an arbiter of cartography in a wee while.

#2 Grading guys with dyslexia gives them an unfair advantage over normal students.

Tosh and twaddle! Any teacher worth their salt will be aware of the student(s) with dyslexia. However, good grading has systems in place that can be adjusted due to someone’s performance.  If this is not adhered to then it is a very inflexible system. Lazy and complacent students will be affected by a system that rewards performance. And as long as the student with dyslexia is not using it in any way as a grade bargaining chip, or with a sense of entitlement from notions of victimhood, then usually the effort needed to get a grade that other students achieve with ease can be worth a performance grading enhancement.

#3 Guys with dyslexia cannot function properly in the workplace. 

There are many examples of successful and more than employable people with dyslexia: Jamie Oliver and Billy Childish to name two who come straight to my mind. Maybe a high-flying colleague in your team or even a stalwart member of your company has dyslexia and you just do not know it.

One final thought – we do not know what people are dealing with or efforts they have to put into life. We all are dealing with problems. Show some kindness, make yourself aware and part of a solution if you can, not create unnecessary tension and more issues.







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