More European – untrained ears & sounding weird

As I am playful with my words, this means I am a mish-mash of accents and phraseology. Recently I have had some odd observations that I thought I would share.

Firstly to a South African ear I sound German, apparently. This is no insult and no surprise as I do  have an accent no way near like from back where I was born. Unless I am putting it on or back in my one cow village.

This is a nice example from two lads from om.

Speaking to the S.A. family after my Sofa Stories gig, they also were confused by me using the phrase above and not just one horse town. And they missed my bit about being from near Sheffield.


So my accent has changed, and certainly is hard for an untrained ear to place, other than general being middling Midlands or Northern English. And, then random stuff like sounding German.

So it has become I guess a little bit up-to-date with my wanderings and my present situ, or just a bastardisation. However, I do use archaic phrases sometimes without thinking about them. Someone at a recent  party was in near side splitting stitches of laughter with my use of the phrase barmaid.

“Who uses that?”, was exclaimed.

Well I do, and certainly beats serving wenches or as we say in German Thekenhexe/schlampe (bar wench/ bitch)

What are you take on accents if you are moving around and becoming more European?
Are you up-to-date or archaic or sound different to different ears?
When I do go back om, they think I sound mainland European.



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