Geek or Nerd? how absurd! – Rams as Champions

A roller coaster ride to get to the top of the EPL, 6 seasons in all. A slow rise to the summit, and a hard climb at times. However, with a budget that never exceeded 20m I think I overshot my expectations.

Football manager 14 seems to have a couple of tweaks needed, i.e. Full and Wing Backs tend to be poor or too aggressive, and quality regens a real rarity.

The 2019/20 season was surprising in many ways. My normal strategy of using 2 formations and one back up spun out of the turn stiles, when early on I realised a 4,1,2,2,1 formation brought no results. Flipping this on its head by concentrating mainly on 4,2,3,1  formation and for stronger teams emulating the real Liverpool of last season by hitting them hard from the onset of each half with a very high tempo, playing either attacking or counter with direct play and drilling crosses in the first twenty mins. Switching it up after this to attacking and early/floating crosses. These were my strongest players in the said formation.

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2015-04-19_1903 Although I only got to the quarters in the ECC, knocked out by Madrid 2-5,  I used my 4,3,1,2 formation more frequently there than in the EPL.

My squad through the season had a main weakness at DR/WBR. And maybe I could have done with another good keeper. However, the Defence Mids I played as MCs worked well, but also I alternated to using a box-to-box mids such as Holtby or Ramirez if I really wanted to dominate.

2015-04-19_1900bWithin the squad my strongest positions were at GK and AMC, with Fuentes providing 22 assists as well as scoring 15 goals. Along with Hughes, Ramirez and Holtby as great foils and back up to the top striking force of Olivaries, Niang and Cornelius. My regen Croatian keeper was a killer for his age, and just like Man Utds De Gea kept an older more experienced player (Steele) from between the posts, by having consistently safer hands.

These are the five things I (re) learned –

Be willing to take risks mid game , and switch off the tactics suggestions

Even though you should have a good defense, make sure you have attacking depth and not one sole killer striker

Substitue week defenders or strikers even in first 15-30mins of the game

Use your own tutoring strategy as often back room advice backfires

Do not worry if you have 23 in your squad, especially if your competing in ECC, specific players for competitions allow for better fitness and injury avoidance

Despite having a 15-1 chance to win the title I managed to take the crown with two games in hand after a good result against Arsenal, and regardless if their and Man City’s resurgence. As well as beating my rivals to make the title deserving of a bucking Rams squad.






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