Never in my classroom – top 3 lesson plans 1Qrt 2015

Been kinda quiet on my blog front, as I have been focusing on my non-profit org and creative writing/performing. Time now to share my three most successful lessons from the first quarter of 2015.


Local business analysis

I have done/run this in two ways, but with the same focus. I work in an Applied Sciences Technical College whereby employees for Deutsche Telekom come from all over Germany. As their studies are pretty intense they only get to discover the city around the college and their hotels, with for most maybe the occasional visit downtown. These exercises gets them to analyse the local market and maybe pique their interest in their surroundings.

First choose some local businesses

For techie students

Find out if the company is clicks and/or mortar?

What is their core and peripheral target group?

What do you think is their marketing concept?

How do you rate their internet presence?

These are the companies I used

For “business” students

Reused (brown) land.

What was the venue used for originally?

How do they use it now, how was it revamped?

How do they engage with the end client?

These are the venues I used

Spinnerei – an old textile factory that now is an arts hub

Panometer – an old gasometer that now is a immersive exhibition space

Alte Messe – an old trade fair area that is now used for various outlets

note – with this as an additional task they can try to predict the modern day usage as a brainstorming exercise before they investigate/research.

  • Present your findings as a short 3- 5 minute presentation.

Follow up – a 400/600 word concise business proposal outline for expanding their business portfolio and/or likewise improving their internet footprint/marketing.

No 2

Mergers and acquisitions

In businesses success is often dependent on external or internal factors, with this in mind I devised a lesson plan for looking at failed mergers and acquisitions, see docment. This was my source on the net for the companies. I find these “news” lists a good source for lesson ideas in general.

Coming together

No 3

DIY Manual

Take a DIY video from youtube such as this one.

With higher level students with some construction knowledge show them the video without audio first, they then have to predict the content and instructions.

Play the video once with audio, pausing at relevant sections (as it is a lot to take notes on), and then a second time in full.

Lesson aim: to create a written handout/manual.

Objective: creating concise sentences using the infinitive. Recall and sequencing.

Enjoy trying out these lesson plans, expanding them, and please give me some feedback.

No 1 will be followed up with the business proposals in a month, as I think  the results will be intriguing.





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