Geek or Nerd – start of the footie fight back

Someone once said combining your passions is a good thing. So Willkommen to my footie and computer strategy blog theme.
RB Leipsch and the Rams are my two teams I follow the most, and with both the passions of their prevailing & pitfalls.

Macca & Tunni strike back

Macca is doing really well with the Rams since Cloughie was cut and moved to the Blades. My fingers are crossed that he will have the same success as I have had with footie manager 14. Back in the EPL and won the Championship with a team no one gave a chance at the beginning. Take a look at the  curtain call before I take you through the highlights of my first season with my good ole Rams,  and what I learned on the way.









The start

At the outset I decided I needed to find a feeder, and parent club, as well as clear out the dead wood and bring in some fresh legs.

For me Buxton was more old school and a defender a bit in the mould of  Vinnie Jones, so I would palm him off. In the middle I dumped Coutts not coz of a lack of quality but he would not suit my formation and someone on the left to mirror him was my squads big weakness. Cancelled the loan of Leon Best not coz he was a tree hugger but not really my kind of player or ruthless and flexible enough.






As I knew I wanted someone like Casteels, and I did not have to splash out for the Championship but more for the Premiership. He wasnie interested so I needed to bring in a second string Keeper who Grant could have under his wing. The Villians Siegrist worked out to be a safe pair of hands for the cup competitions and the weaker teams.

Feeder club was Gillingham and I was surprised at the acceptance of a club I wanted to slightly emulate but be a bit more ruthless than they have been for my parent.





Choose them cause of their possession, passing play and general rep. But knew I would start with tactics that may not be so associated with them.

2 sets of formations/ tactics were decided on coz of guys like Hughes (to be my Shadow Striker/ box to box mid), Thorne (Deep lying playmaker/Regista) and Russell (Trequista/ Inside right forward) in my team.

With at the start an as of then undecided third back up formation, which ended up being 4 -3- 1- 2 to play against teams who did not play wide or were known for counter attacks. Which I decided for around the Jan transfer window after a nice autumnal success.






This result against one of the Rams big rivals showed we could really come back from a losing position. This was part of my reactive tactic of going  from counter/balanced in response to their goals and on the attack when the midfield were dominating and the attack picked up. This tactic worked till the end of the season. With the exception of what I considered my worst result of the first season also as it happens against our rivals dirty Leeds.






In hindsight I probably should not have started with Richardson, but Thorne was not fit.

My biggest surprise was the development of Ugwu, and will loan him out in the first EPL season to have him come back strong for my second season. And of course the medias was –





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