Geek or Nerd? How absurd!:- teachers are boring and old fashioned

The more I delve into this profession of mine the more this adage is a smelly old sausage.

Most peeps into the slam and TED scene will know Taylor Mali. But just as good, and someone I wanna BIG up today is Mark Grist. Last night I went back to the Don’t Flop stuff .

For those not street enough it is a ballsy beattastic underground rap battle network where rappers, hip hoppers, slam poets and lyrical hobbyists fight it out in solo or two tag team clashes.

I stumbled across Mark Grist awhile back and thought maybe he was just doing this as a novelty factor. But no he has stuck with it, and made himself a name with MCs in a very cut- throat scene.

Check out one of my fav battles of his:

The memorable lines for me were, one disin his opponent Auke’s rural background

” most Sundays your sipping Chianti slow mo, wrapped in a Kimono ,  yanking ya meat Oboe, as you watch Antiques Roadshow”.

A nice dis at the standard of his opponents art form –

” to you boys the phrase ‘anything goes’ is a quality control statement”.

And he even gets a  hint of that typical British trait of self deprecation in there –

“I would still rather watch any other station. I would rather sort out my loft insulation. I would rather be made to re-watch Lost in translation. I would rather go to my bathroom, and throw up in my basin”.

In some American shows he has been criticized for not being the “norm”, but I luv his twist on this supposed street art form. Turning up in a suit, using his knowledge of English stanza and form to create lyrical flips and punchy prose poetry hits.






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