Tunetastic! – shooting from the hip about hip- hop

A lot of genres have their soul ripped out of them by the corporate machine, like a high street is destroyed by the chains of stores and their uniform mediocrity.

My issue tries to align itself with the fast spinning graves of Dirty Ol’ Bastard & Gill Scott Heron.

Cypress Hill were my first steps into this genre, through clubbing in Grunge/Rock clubs in the 90s. Too young, probably on the wrong island and too white to back then really see the influence of Universal Zulu Nation.  Who would have thunked it, but theLingoGuy is a fan of hip-hop and rap.

I like most genres, but have a real luv/ hate relationship with both Country Western music and hip-hop/rap.

Now, back in the day and ole skool, a lot of hip hop & rap was about sampling and protest music. It had a voice, and was shouting for change. The beats were breaking it down, and the lyrics were hitting the notes of your conscience.

Then the grubby hands of corporate slimeism got their dirty mitts on the genre, pulled it into the mainstream and made it about bitches, bling, bucks and could have been Buicks. But any ole pimped up car will do.

Now you may say, “ey, stop taking it so seriously”.

Mainstream rap and hip-hop should be left to wallow in their own juices. But still on the edges you have great stuff like the Welfare Poets, Atmosphere and  Asian Dub foundation (rap-core).

Any fresh newcomers to rap and hip hop, I do hope you take time to check out the roots, and not just blindly follow the route of where the mainstream will lead you.

But all good music, like literature needs to be wheedled out of the nooks and crannies it resides in. Thank goodness for the net and youtube, innit.




A native Brit, Stewart is from the East Midlands. He has worked all over England and has been in Germany since 2002. Through working with the youth and the disabled he has been able to fine tune his communication skills. A Cambridge qualified (CELTA/LCCI CerTEB) instructor of English as a Foreign Language, he also has experience as a copy editor/ proof reader specializing in Higher Education and Business English. He assists established companies & local English trainers (LELTA) in optimizing their platforms, markets & copy (texts). With a Bachelors degree in English & Art, he brings diverse skills within a broad palette to his academic courses, an English speakers community (So Social Club) & an art project (Lebenskunstler). Not only focusing on creative expression but exemplary use of language.

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