More European – accents on the goggle box

The Brummie  accent  does not roll off the tongue, more like rolls around the mouth trying to get out. It is a challenge to comprehension, but not abuse of the ear.

The actors of a new series also found it a challenge to master the tongue of the coal face.

Now and again I try to find good drama on the goggle box (TV) from the old country, in this case the good old black country.

I have stumbled across a real treat for all Anglophiles, and peeps who wanna really prick up those ears. It is a really good character driven series, set in 20s Birmingham. A gritty drama that takes a look at gangster, family life and the tensions between the Unions and the Police.


The main character in Peaky blinders is played by an actor who is a little bit under the radar, but you may recognise him from the Dark Knight series of Batman as the Scarecrow.


Check it out, and also enjoy a really nice soundtrack as well.



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