Never in my classroom – inebriation & Create 5




picture courtesy of the OXID guy; one of my first IT students.
Started the ball rolling for this IT English specialist.

Germans and IT Geeks have no sense of humour, so they say. One of the reasons I like my job is the surprises. Luv students who are open to new teaching methods, and then run with it.

I stole an idea from James Schofield at BESIG for ideas collection; Brainpooling. This I framed as:

How can your company encourage and maintain creativity and innovation to stay ahead of the 8 ball?

Although the ideas created were fabtastic ranging from time in lieu for creative ideas implemented and being successful, to setting up a mentoring club for knowledge transference.

My favourite was the students proving the opening adage to this text wrong.

Being a writer myself, it was actually their creative use of lingo that was just exemplary.

To quote;

“the guys who designed the new Renault must have had inebriated creativity to do that”

” we need Creative Perpetual Motion in our company, na, CPM”.

Had my laughter muscles exercised from both.

I would recommend trying this technique from James Schofield for anyone looking for ideas or solutions.

What have been your moments of laughter, and that prove prejudices wrong?

 to be continued………….









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  • James Schofield

    I had to do a lot of placement tests for engineers for many years. To be honest, I got a bit blasé about this and tended to categorise people as soon as they walked in the door. One of the standard questions I asked was “What do you like to do in your free time?” About 99.9% would say mountain biking/swimming/building model trains, so I sometimes completed the form before they even opened their mouth.
    Well, one day, one of them looks shifty when I ask my standard question and says he likes reading. My ears prick a bit at that point but I still assume it’s going to be Computer Woche or Metaphysical Angling or something like that.
    “What do you like reading?”
    He looked even shiftier.
    “James Joyce.That’s why I want to learn English, so I can read it in the original language.”
    I was completely amazed – and humbled by how wrong I could be about another person. I’t taught me that everybody has a story inside them somewhere, or something that makes them unusual. It’s just a question of finding it.

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