Never In my classroom – mistakes made.


theLingoGuy classroom rule book

Rule # 1

Go in with a plan

Solutions to mistakes made


  1. checking videos before playing, especially with an erratic Internet connection.

    Sometimes I did not have the time to check the videos beforehand. The bbc website and the relevant player were very patchy.

  2. ensuring people understand the task.

    As I have mentioned previously, a complex task where I split the group into students dictating or paraphrasing a text I did not explain well enough, and ended up with a confused and slightly lost student.

  3. giving fair talking time to all.

    I did a lot of direct questions to specific students. And often do this at the beginning of a course, partly in order to remember names. Also gave sufficient time at the beginning of the week for each student to talk. However I did not always follow through during meetings/ discussions later. I allowed the groups, as they were both at an advanced level to take ownership for their own communication.

  4. active tasks after lunch and the grave yard shift .

    This I also did not follow through with on every day, but on those I did kinetic activities there was no energy fade out by the end of the eight hour day.

    Last but not least on a cursory note, make sure I am fully fit for the intensive, one of the two weeks I had a cold which made me function only at 75%. An intensive such as this requires a lot of energy and being on top of things.




A native Brit, Stewart is from the East Midlands. He has worked all over England and has been in Germany since 2002. Through working with the youth and the disabled he has been able to fine tune his communication skills. A Cambridge qualified (CELTA/LCCI CerTEB) instructor of English as a Foreign Language, he also has experience as a copy editor/ proof reader specializing in Higher Education and Business English. He assists established companies & local English trainers (LELTA) in optimizing their platforms, markets & copy (texts). With a Bachelors degree in English & Art, he brings diverse skills within a broad palette to his academic courses, an English speakers community (So Social Club) & an art project (Lebenskunstler). Not only focusing on creative expression but exemplary use of language.

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