More European- lingo & multi-culti Olympic gems

In no way whatsoever am I a fan of the hype behind the Olympics, the mismanagement of tickets or some of the exclusivity contracts made between the organizers and the sponsors.

However there have been some lingo and cultural gems hidden in the media deluge.

Most recently exposing American athletes to the genuine Cockney accent. Here you can see there attempts at the tricky East London tongue: 

Americans try Cockney Rhyming Slang

Likewise there is a nugget of cheeky chappy Cockney in this look at Multi-culti Peckham through the London Calling series:

Multi-culti Peckham

Which has a taste of an Iranian corner shop, as well as the community outreach through BMX riding.

Showing my own personal bias, this upcoming performance poet Sonny Greene piqued my interest in a previously unknown area of London; Shoreditch:

London Calling: Shoreditch

Certainly one benefit of the Olympics is exposing even the natives to different aspects of the host nation.

What have you got to know about London through this new exposure due to the Olympics?



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