Guest blog – expectations/ reality of the Maltese

Amy Seb show

My first thoughts of Malta were, Great…. A Mediterranean country, good food, by the sea and great weather!! And how I was right… but then there are the people!!

My first impressions of the Maltese people were, CRAZY DRIVERS!!!! Michael Schumacher, in the best years of his racing life. Left Driving and no traffic signs, it’s a free for all when on the road.  I experienced this when hiring a motorbike to tour the island. There are man boy racers with their enhanced cars speeding through the roads of Malta at stupid speeds only to find traffic lights 100 meters away!! A paradise for every German who likes car driving so, I recommend this country to all you posers out there. And then … the women!!!!  The picture says MORE than a 1000 words!!!

On a night out in Pacevlle, I can only describe the ladies as Drag Queens gone wrong. Too much make up and not enough clothes and more rolls than a bakery is enough to make your stomach turn. That’s the young ones. The old ladies love a slangging match, Mike Tyson wouldn’t stand a chance against these feisty old dears!!

But seriously, The Maltese in general are very friendly and helpful people. They take their Catholic religion very seriously and have many days in the calendar to show this! St Joseph’s day being one of them. We traveled to Rabbat on this day

and watched the procession amongst a cattle market of Catholic worshipers singing and shouting prayers to the statue of St Joseph being carried through the town. Shredded paper hung from all buildings and lampposts to keep the children amused.

And now we move onto the language. What to say….its interesting to say the least. It a mixture of Arabic, Italian, French, English and gobbledeegook!! Difficult to understand but amusing to listen to (especially with the granny’s hitting their way through the rounds)

My Summary: beautiful island, traditional food, nice weather great people crappy apartment buildings… Come and experience it for yourself!!!!

by Amy Cogher & Sebastian Schwarz




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