More European – in the Second Kitchen

A varied culinary palette is a fabtastic thing. Tha English in ma humble pie like opinion can be divided inta two categories. Those tha re stick in tha Mississippi mud pie traditionalists who donie experiment with tha food. They may eat pies, pasties, someat on toast, English Breakfast, Sunday Roast, Fish and Chips an all tha is typical fa English grub. Then tha re those who know tha food, perhaps perchance cook, luv ethnic nosh, an t experiment.

A fall distinctly  into the second kitchen for sure, but it was not always so.

In ma childhood a wa bred inta wa at tha time a didnie see as an appreciation o tha simple bur finer things in life. Ma Grandad an Nan ad tha own vegetable garden, not as an allotment which is often tha English tradition, bur back o tha ouse. A shelled peas an snaffled alf of em inta ma gob, t tha consternation o me Gramps. A learnt ow t prepare tha soil fa carrots an spuds, wa a good cabbage should look like, and the frustration o fightin we bein able to ger a fine crop of tomatoes.  Also tha smells o freshly baked bread often wafted to my nostrils. Likewise Chirmbo started early in are ouse, a few months before me Mum would marinade tha dried fruit in sherry fa tha cake, biscuits an mince pies, jam tarts an lemon curds were all made in advance.

Bur as ma family gor older an tha work consumed tha time, they gor lazier an followed tha naughty nineties trad o buyin a microwave an avin crap convenience food often in front o tha Telly.

A learnt ow to cook from a disabled guy who bein tha alf Chinese son o a chef wa able to pass on his knowledge t me on how t experiment, t take tha base of a recipe an make some wondrous dishes. In ma year in his delectable company a learnt French peasant recipes, Indian food, Chinese an Thai nosh. This appeitite f food an t learn led me t Moroccan, back t good traditional English nosh an recently t an array o Arabian food.

Let me bring ya t present day, an what passed ma lips an int ma stomach last night. I made a variety of Yorkshire Puddin, a tad heavier, baked in a smidgen o goose fat an served we Gorgonzola sauce. This wa shared we a German gal, an Irish guy, a old colleague of mine from tha Canary Islands, an a new bur soon t be good American friend o mine. Tha last two brought with em a Marsala Chicken curry, Egg Plant Medallions and Hommous. All this wa accompanied with red wine, black tea an Arabic coffee, as well as delightfully conversational company.

An a sated Englishman presented we well cookt varied food is like a bull dog havin it´s tummy rubbed.

So ya can imagine ma Friday night war a delight t behold.




A native Brit, Stewart is from the East Midlands. He has worked all over England and has been in Germany since 2002. Through working with the youth and the disabled he has been able to fine tune his communication skills. A Cambridge qualified (CELTA/LCCI CerTEB) instructor of English as a Foreign Language, he also has experience as a copy editor/ proof reader specializing in Higher Education and Business English. He assists established companies & local English trainers (LELTA) in optimizing their platforms, markets & copy (texts). With a Bachelors degree in English & Art, he brings diverse skills within a broad palette to his academic courses, an English speakers community (So Social Club) & an art project (Lebenskunstler). Not only focusing on creative expression but exemplary use of language.


  • Raymond

    Ya forgots the Hommous! 😉 Had a great eve as well. Till the next time!

  • lingo guy

    edited and corrected sir, I did write in early this morn. I await in anticipation and expectation for the next time, as does my stomach. Monica?

  • Monica

    I did have a great evening 2. It’s my turn indeed. My flu is a bit worse 2day, but like Gloria Gaynor “I will survive”. We could meet in 2 weeks 4 a Spanish evening…how does that sound???

  • Anne Hodgson

    Hey Stew, it’s fun to read the way you write in dialect. I’m experimental in the kitchen, too, having learned to cook during my three years as a 100% vegetarian on a shoe string. But the real star at my house is my husband, Helmut, who actually follows complicated recipes and will dish up fish in a salt crust, or a mean lasagne that ends in the platter getting licked clean.

  • lingo guy

    Thks for the compliment on my dialectical penmanship, I was inspired by Irive Welsh and Ian Banks of course.
    Your husband´s nosh sounds tip top, cannie wait for an invite to Berlin 😉 Fabtatsic !

  • Anne Hodgson

    You might have to come to Munich.

  • lingo guy

    That might just happen.
    We are doing German hols this year, and Munich is on the agenda 😉
    So be scared, very scared.

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